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Want Your Own Show?

Have you ever wanted to take your turn as a DJ? Have you ever wanted a whole radio show dedicated to your band? Are some of your fans itching for ways to help promote your music? Here's an opportunity you can't pass up!!! Charlotte Indie Radio is now accepting radio shows from YOU!

That's right, think of it as a YouTube for local music radio shows. (Or maybe, a radio version of CurrentTV for local music.) YOU determine the format. YOU determine the content. Put it together any way you want and send it in. As long as you follow our guidelines, we'll find a spot for it on the air!


For a show to be considered for airplay, it must meet ALL of the following guidelines.

1) The radio show must be between 5 and 61 minutes long. Anything shorter or longer will not be considered.

2) Each song you use must:

  • Be created or performed regularly in NC and SC. Our station's charter is to feature music of the Carolinas, and that's the way we like it.
  • Be original! You cannot use a cover song. We'd love to play James Taylor and George Clinton songs as well, but these songwriters are not available to give us the royalty-free rights to play their tunes.
  • Be covered by a signed submission form…Yes, that means if you use a bunch of different bands in your show, you need to get each of them to sign a form. Sorry, but you need to do the legwork on this. This is the "work" bit.

3) The show must be assembled by you and submitted on audio CD. The audio CD should have only 1 track. Do not create a track for each song. Do not send in an MP3 or a stack of CDs. YOU need to do the DJ work.

4) The CREATOR of the show must fill out our radio show submission form. The CREATOR of the show will own his work…but Charlotte Indie Radio requires that you allow us the royalty-free rights to put it on the air. Basically, you’re agreeing to let us put your show on our Internet radio station without paying you for it.

5) The songs and DJ banter must not include profanity that is unacceptable on commercial radio. F-bombs and S-bombs, for example, are not allowed.

6) The radio show must not suck. Ok, we’ll probably air it at least once even if it kinda sucks, but to have it played more often, make sure the suck factor is very low!

When you get your show together, send in the CD, song submission forms, and show submission form to:

Charlotte Indie Radio
P.O. Box 240472
Charlotte, NC 28224-0472

Possible Show Ideas

To kick-start your ideas, we put together some sample show ideas. Feel free to use these or create your own:

  • A feature about your band (with interviews, recorded and live music, behind the scenes clips)
  • A show documenting a live performance
  • A show to survey a certain music scene or musical genre

The Goal

We have a smart, dedicated team here at Charlotte Indie Radio, but what makes our station so good is that we rely on the super fabulous creative geniuses of NC and SC musicians to provide our content (Yes, we mean YOU!).
Now that we run on our own server, we decided to offer up airtime to anyone who put together a radio show of NC and SC music. The idea is that you can shape the content any way you want. Are you frustrated that your new CD is not getting heard? Put together a radio show that showcases it. Do you have a big gig coming up? Put together a short segment featuring your music and announcing your show. Do you feel like your genre of music is underrepresented? Get the local bands that sound like yours and put together a show. Are you a DJ without a station? This is your chance!!


If you have any questions about getting your radio show on the air, please contact us at

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