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Charlotte Indie Radio FAQ

Charlotte Indie Radio is an Internet radio station that plays Charlotte area original music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The station is run by musicians for musicians. A significant amount of effort has gone into this project, and it's only because of the teamwork put forth by those involved with Charlotte Indie Radio that the station is not only up and running but poised to make an impact for Charlotte area musicians and artists.

The following committee members have been instrumental in getting Charlotte Indie Radio on the air:

  • Brian Hartzog
  • Clark Hoyle
  • Bruce Johnson
  • Allan Kaplon
  • Angelo Melendez
  • Lydia Simpson
  • Steve Simpson

Q. What is Charlotte Indie Radio?
A. Charlotte Indie Radio is an Internet radio station that plays Charlotte area original music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The station is run by musicians for musicians. The goals of the station are:

  • To provide a way for local musicians to get their original music heard.
  • To enable Charlotte music lovers to listen to local music from their computer at any time of day or night.
  • To provide a place where music industry professionals can stay up-to-date on the Charlotte music scene.
  • To create new opportunities for Charlotte area musicians.

Q. Where can I hear the station?
A. You can listen to the station at any time of day or night from or from

Q. What kind of music do you play?
A. Charlotte Indie Radio plays all genres of original music from the Carolinas. The station features music from the Charlotte area, but all NC and SC artists are encouraged to submit their material.

Q. Can I submit my original music?
A. Yes, please do. We continually need new local music to keep the station interesting. We're counting on your support to keep this station running.

Q. How do I submit my music?
A. Complete these steps to submit your music:

  • Download and print the submission form from
  • Complete the form, telling us which songs you want us to check out first.
  • Make sure the submission form is signed!! Any submission that does not include a signed submission form will be tossed.
  • Mail the submission form and your music on audio CD to: CharlotteIndieRadio, P.O. Box 240472, Charlotte, NC 28224-0472.

Q. What is your submission policy?
A. We accept all genres of original music from NC and SC. We only accept music on audio CD (no cassettes or vinyl, please). Every artist or band that submits material will be played at least once on the station. Music that we like will be played more frequently. We cannot play songs that have extreme profanity (f-bombs and words that cannot be said on commercial radio)...if you have a curse-free mix, send that.

Q. I live outside of Charlotte, can I still submit?
A. Yes! Although we feature Charlotte area music (i.e. bands within 60 miles of the intersection of Trade and Tryon), we play music from all over the Carolinas. Please be aware, however, that we do not actively promote the station outside of the Charlotte area.

Q. When did the station go live?
A. Charlotte Indie Radio went live in January of 2007.

Q. Who runs
A. Charlotte Indie Radio is run by read more about us at Our Mission.

Q. How was the station started?
A. The idea for an Internet radio station was one of the first projects considered by Brian Hartzog, Millie Glaser, and Allan Kaplon at the very first CharlotteMusician meeting in 2005. The idea was put on hold, however, because the project wasn't immediately self-funding. The group chose instead to create the Uptown CD Compilation contest, which took the better part of a year to realize. Allan Kaplon, not to be denied, started booking local original songwriter rounds, earmarking the money for the radio station. Many talented local songwriters and performers contributed their time, gig money, and talents for the cause.

After about a year of gigs, the entire budget for the station was in the bank, and the committee began meeting. Chaired by Brian Hartzog, and including a host of experienced local songwriters and performers, CharlotteMusician's internet radio team began building what is now By January of 2007, the station was on the air.

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