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Uptown Sound CD

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The Uptown Sound, Vol. 1 compilation features 16 tracks of original music from some of Charlotte's best unsigned artists. The CD is designed to showcase the quality and diversity of the musical talent within the Charlotte music community. Tracks for the CD were selected from over 65 submissions by Charlotte area bands and solo artists. Artists selected for the disc will benefit from a professional photo shoot, showcase opportunities, media promotion, web promotion, and street-team style marketing. The CD is being distributed for FREE in an effort to attract attention for well-deserving local musicians.

The Uptown Sound CD is the brainchild of CharlotteMusician.com, led by local indie artist Brian Hartzog and run by a committee of local songwriters and performers. The group formed in early 2005 to find ways for local musicians to work together to get their music heard, licensed, recorded, performed, and sold.

The Uptown Sound CD is unlike past local CD compilations in that it was created and funded by local musicians. The entry fees collected from artists who submitted songs for consideration virtually paid for the creation and manufacturing of the CD. Judging was performed entirely by songwriters and artists from CharlotteMusician.com, providing an artist's perspective to the difficult task of picking the final tracks. The disc is also unique because it will be given away for FREE at local CD stores and music events in an effort to get deserving local unsigned artists’ music into the hands of Charlotte music fans.

The idea for the CD is one that Hartzog had filed away for years. He scribbled down the idea and title for the disc on a scrap of paper nearly 10 years ago. "I filed it away, and thought it would be a project that I'd never get around to," says Hartzog. When Hartzog and a group of fellow Charlotte songwriters began meeting in a coffee shop on East Blvd, it quickly became the project that the group wanted to undertake. "We felt it had the best ability to make the biggest impact on the music scene while being the project that was the most fun to work on," says Hartzog.

The Uptown Sound CD is being sent to local press, radio, and music industry contacts. More importantly, it is being handed out for FREE to the public. The disc ranges from rap to folk, from rock to country to blues. In addition to familiar names like Trip Rogers and U-PHONIK, the disc contains remarkable tracks from new names like Jeremy Aggers, Seth Boulton, and Alan Barrington... and the best thing about it--it's FREE!

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