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Brian Hartzog

Brian Hartzog serves as Chairman of CharlotteMusician.com where he works to find ways to help Charlotte area musicians to work together. Hartzog has recently completed his second CD, One-Way Ticket, where he not only wrote and produced all the songs, but he also played most of the instruments and did the bulk of the engineering himself. Hartzog's music is a unique blend of classic rock, funk, and punk. Although it's decidedly "alternative", Hartzog calls his style "funk and roll". You'll hear a range of artistic influences--from the Beatles, to Prince, to P-funk, to spoken word poets, and the Sex Pistols. As a songwriter, a musician, an engineer, and a producer, Hartzog is working hard to establish himself as a true proponent of indie music. He gets thousands of unique visitors to his website every month, and his music has been broadcast as far away as Japan, England, France, and Russia. You can hear clips from Brian Hartzog's new CD on his official website.

Angelo Melendez

After 20+ years of club dates, mostly on bass in genres ranging from rock/dance to jazz/blues, Angelo has turned his focus to songwriting. As an active member of ASCAP, Angelo intends to release his first independent CD by the end of 2007. His songs and music transcend genres from Contemporary Christian & Country to Pop & Acoustic. Currently a member of SongU.com, you can learn more about Angelo and his music at his Official Website.

Millie Glaser

Millie Glaser is a transplanted Jersey girl and a stay at home mom to 3 kids. She came out of the songwriters closet two years ago (after spending years in there playing to an audience of one) and has been pursuing a songwriting career ever since. A classically trained pianist, her style has evolved over the years to an adult alternative/folk/pop/whatever comes out at the moment, genre. She has 3 songs that will be on Nita Hope's second CD, 'View From Here', which is currently in progress. She is a member of NSAI and spends every spare minute writing, which is clearly obvious from the condition of her house.

You can hear 'Be Me', one of her songs that will be on Nita Hope's new CD 'View From Here', at Nita Hope's Website.

Rich Mason

Rich Mason, owner of Sounds Rich Productions, produces Americana and faith based music for the Charlotte emerging artist market. Working with gifted singer/songwriters who are ready for national quality work, Rich brings together acclaimed studio musicians and a high end recording environment to deliver a fully competitive product for national launch.

In the 80's, Rich reached critical acclaim as an Americana acoustic guitarist in the style of Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke and other finger styled guitarists that were grounded in the traditional American acoustic blues style. Performing in Austin for 12 years, he regularly performed on radio, television, and live shows. Today, he has assembled a production-based studio to be a launching pad for Charlotte's most differentiated talent. You can check it out on the web at the official Sounds Rich Website.

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